Frog’s Chorus

IMG-20140414-00854 copy IMG-20140410-00850 copyWell I’ve been very much enjoying this sunny spring for the last week or so! I’ve been able to munch my lunch by the pond in the company of a frog or three; and made up all kinds of stories about what the three that I can see get up to in the pond (I assume some of the frogspawn at least is theirs). They like to poke their heads above the weeds around lunch time too, and catch some warm sun rays; so we don’t disturb each other too much.



IMG-20140409-00843 copyThe herbs are coming along well; although usually I have a bit more time to enjoy the French sorrel before the dock beetle moves in. Not this year – they are busy having orgies all over it at the moment, leaving my lovely lemony-tasting leaves full of holes and yellow larvae underneath the leaves. The sorrel does usually recover one they’ve moved on and the larvae hatched, and I’ll be able to pick nice hole-free leaves next month hopefully; perhaps the mild winter has brought the pests out earlier than usual.



IMG-20140411-00852 copyThankfully I have been able to borrow the rotovator and tractor again; which has meant that I’ve drilled the parnsips (Halblange White and Tender & True); carrots (St Valery again as part-trial, Yaya F1, plus a mixed row of Purple Haze and Yellowstone – the mice in the shed had bitten through these plastic packets to get at the seed so I had less than I’d have liked). Plus I’ve sown a row of mixed mustards, mizuna and rocket, four rows of French dwarf beans, a row of turnips, lots of beetroot (Boliver, Boro, Chioggia and Golden Detroit), and a row of spinach; plus a row of rainbow chard. Oh, and planted a row of lettuce and endive; and today I managed to plant out the first lot of brassicas too (curly, red Russian and nero kale, plus a few Savoy and PIxie cabbages). And planted some Jerusalem artichokes in the damp patch next to the strawberries. Phew. The trouble is, now I would quite like a shower or two overnight soon – the ground is so dry on top, despite being wet underneath. Never happy, eh? Meanwhile I will enjoy the sun and get more jobs done…


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