Turning The Soil

IMG-20140403-00838 copyLast Thursday I simply couldn’t wait any longer – the forecast was for more showers to come over the weekend, so I went for it and rotovated over half the field with the tractor & rotovator, as shallowly as possible. The ground was ok to start with, but still cloggy and damp at the top end; although I managed to do enough to at least let me get going with spring crops. The green manure of red clover and lucerne (and some weeds) which has been growing for about 18 months was turned in too, along with the manure which had been spread on top (also keeping more moisture in); and I’ll need to go over that again with the rotovator before planting the first brassicas in that plot in a couple of weeks.

IMG-20140404-00840 copyMost importantly however, I’ve managed to out in three rows of broad beans, hurrah! One row of Aquadulce, one of Supersimonia, and half a row each of Hangdown Green and Ratio.  I’m also hoping to put some early dwarf French beans in if the ground dries up a bit this week, along with carrots and parsnips, and a few rows of spinach, chard and beetroot. Fingers crossed anyway…

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