Muck Flinging

IMG-20140313-00786 copyOK it’s not really flinging; but happily Keith kindly and carefully spread some horse manure on my field today, hooray! The fog lifted early this afternoon so we could at last see what we were doing. – bit thick this morning! The ground had just about dried out enough to take the tractor’s weight; so there’s now a nice load of muck on top of the green manure patch (middle), a bit of the old parsnip patch (left) and leek patch (right), ready to be rotovated in: which will be, respectively, the brassica patch, the bean patch, and the squash/courgette patch.

IMG-20140313-00783 copy
The tunnels are there somewhere…

IMG-20140313-00785 copy IMG-20140313-00784 copy Just as exciting is the fact that I’ve drilled the leeks in Fivepenny Tunnel today too! My rotovator isn’t mended yet, so I had to make do with wheel-hoeing the drying ground to make a drillable tilth – just about worked, thanks to the weed-smothering powers of the Mypex which was on before. So now there are two rows each of Hannibal, Bandit, Zermatt and Pandora, plus a row of spring onions for good measure. Phew; all set now for spring!

IMG-20140313-00787 copy


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