Brassica Tracks

IMG-20140310-00782 copyThere’s nothing like a wobbly germinating row or three of brassicas – in this case turnips and rocket – to make you think that you’re back on track after the weirdo weather. I can see a first leaf or two poking up in the Fivepenny Tunnel as well as these nice lines in the Marmalade Tunnel, as the spinach start to germinate; the rest of the Fivepenny tunnel still needs to dry out more before I can drill the leeks though. I had to take the rotovator to the mechanics last week since the clutch plate has gone again; so fingers crossed it’ll be back before Friday – otherwise I’ll just have to hope that a vigorous rake will be enough to make a good tilth to drill the leeks seeds into. The Mypex has kept most of the weeds down; but the pathways are pretty compacted and I usually rely on the rotovator to tickle the soil up a bit. Ah well, fingers crossed for warm sun & a mended rotovator…

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