Springing Spring

IMG-20140307-00780 copy IMG-20140307-00779 copyWoohoo, it’s really feeling like spring now! And it didn’t rain – at all, all day! My warming soil is beginning to take on its familiar chocolate brownie appearance – drying out on top, still wet and rich underneath. The ladybirds certainly seem to think it’s spring now – there are everywhere, not just in the polytunnels. There were especially loads by the globe artichokes and raspberry canes – I suspect that many hibernated in the folds of artichokes leaves and stems, and in the hollow dead raspberry canes. I also saw my first large bumblebee, who buzzed around a bit desperately and drunkenly; I hope it found the flowering brassicas in the polytunnels for a quick snack.

IMG-20140307-00781 copyI cut the autumn rasberry canes down too today, and have moved the surviving summer raspberries next to them, to make way for the new small polytunnel I was kindly given by a neighbour a few months ago. This also meant moving the remnants of rhubarb and the three redcurrant bushes, along with a few blackcurrant cuttings that never got planted out last year. I’ve moved them next to the artichokes, behind the big New Tunnel; and they certainly seem to like their new sunny position! (I’ve put their old Mypex covering down with them, rather half-heartedly since I’m not expecting it to stop many weeds really, but evwery little helps). I enjoyed the sun too though: not only did the scarf come off, but also – wait for it – the jacket too. Blimey.


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