Sproutings & Seeds

IMG-20140220-00758 copyThe snatches of sunny weather this week after the storms has meant that my few trial white sprouting broccoli plants (which have looked very green and healthy, but with no shoots), have finally decided to sprout their gorgeous creamy flower heads, perfect for picking and enjoying just like PSB. Another one to sow more of this season then…


IMG-20140221-00760 copy IMG-20140221-00761Speaking of which: SEEDS HAVEARRIVED! So exciting! I love this time of year, and could happily spend hours aranging all my seeds into sowing or alphabetical order. I keep the ones at the farm in old ammo boxes or tins, to keep the pesky mice and damp out, and they do a grand job. Next week it will really start feeling like spring is around the corner, since I’ll be clearing out the Fivepenny polytunnel and drilling the first lot of spring crops: carrots, coriander, and maybe some baby turnips. Happy weekend if you’re playing with seeds too!

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