Green Shoots

IMG-20140213-00755 copy(NB trying not to mention last week’s weather or continuing endless door repairs – oh, whoops…)

So looking on the bright side today: the lettuce and endive seeds which I sowed on 31/1/14 have germinated well, hurrah! They are my first ‘proper’ seedlings of the season so it’s great to see them coming up. The early sweet peas have also germinated and started to sneak up from the compost (so far my saved seed is a little behind the leftover bought-in Old Spice mix from last year); plus on Valentine’s Day I sowed my first batch of peppers, tomatoes, chillies, a handful of aubergines and – drumroll – some tomatilloes! Very exciting, they are all now snug in my heated propagators in my kitchen (since I don’t have a heated greenhouse/module tunnel). I’ve also just sown 4 lots of 150-module trays of kale (tray each of Red Russian, black Nero di Toscana, green curly Westland Winter &  green curly Halboher Grun Krauser), which I’m hoping will be ready for early summer, and continue going though autumn and into winter, as the plants last year did. So lots of looking forward to the new season; and two fingers up to the gales and rain.


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