Compost Sandwich

IMG-20140207-00733 copyI took advantage of a break in the rain on Friday to turn the compost heap over; mostly because the wind had blown one of the pallet doors over and broken it, snapping the fence post ‘hinge’ that it turned on, so I had to replace the post and pallet. The post was probably a bit too small and thin anyway, and was in a bit of a dip, which meant all the juice from the heap (and rain) pooled around the post, helpig it to rot and break prematurely. So I dug a little trench running away from it, round to the back of the heap, where the comfrey plants there will enjoy the extra moisture and nutrients that come along with it – and then I can use the comfrey to make liquid feed too, so nothing is wasted.

While turning the heap, I put lots of relatively ‘fresh’ (not decomposed) material from the first bay into the neighbouring bay; and was pleased to see that even in the first compost bay, which has lots of stuff in the early stages of decomposition, there was quite a lot of well-rotted matter (esepecially towards the bottom of the heap), covered in busy worms (they’re loving the damp cardboard at the moment, and it’s not been so cold that they’ve stopped working). So this lovely bottom stuff is now on top of the less-rotted matter in the middle of the second bay; which also has some half-rotted older material below the new stuff. So the worm army will be attacking the fresher material from top and bottom, forming a neat pincer movement that should get all that bay well on the way to becoming lovely compost very quickly!


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