Hurrumph. Rain. Bah.

IMG-20140124-00721 copySulking now. That made my sap pause in it’s tracks; thanks rain & squally gales. Me sap is still creeping up mind, despite you nasty weather (hurrah for mood-enhancing hot tea!). Fortunately this time round the wind only blew one set of doors off it’s fencing staples and another doop open, so that was a pretty easy repair job this morning. More laborious will be moving all the compost into the next bin because one of the doors (a grand word for a pallet on its side) has snapped, breaking the fencing post it was slotted on too so it could open and shut. A job for next week I think; plus I’ve got the wood all ready to make some raised beds, so I just need a lickle break in the weather to get cracking.

I’ve given my kale, PSB and leeks the week off from picking this week, feeling sorry for it all in this soggy weather; so hopefully they will catch the odd glimpse of sun and grow a bit more. At least the red Russian kale looks pretty in the wet weather…

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