Sap’s Rising

IMG-20140130-00731 copyI don’t know about anyone else (especially all the poor buggers who have suffered a lot more than I have with this blumin endless wet weather and flooding); but over the last few days, I’ve really felt my sap rising (no, I’m not being rude). I think it’s being outside so much, but I really start feeling in sync with nature. Maybe it’s the amalgamation of lots of little signs, recognised subconsciously and consciously, that makes me feel like the new season has started: snowdrops flowering; daffodils shooting up (thankfully not flowering – yet); buds in the hedges; ladybirds out and about; calendula by the bulls blood beetroot in the polytunel still flowering; skylarks singing; brassicas starting to put up flowering shoots. I never feel like the end of December is the end of the year; I always think of the end of January as the year’s end (maybe I show follow the Chinese calendar?). And because it’s still so mild, and the days are getting noticeably longer (hurrah!), I’ve suddenly got a load of energy for new projects and plans for the year ahead.

IMG-20140127-00727 copyNow I’ve done all my seed orders (so exciting!), next on the list is to make some more raised beds for more herbs, and also for asparagus. Then I’m going to make some proper covers for the compost heap; and then I need to put the new small polytunnel up, kindly donated by a neighbour. So I just need the rain to hold of for a few days and then I can get cracking…


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