Sweet Sweet Peas

Old Spice seed

So excited! I’ve been reading Arjen Huese’s lovely book on growing and selling cut fowers, and didn’t realise you can sow sweet peas so early! So last Friday I rummaged around my old seed stock, and have sowed a few of last year’s Old Spice mix, and some of my own saved seed. You can tell which is which jusy by looking at the seed: my saved seed was stoed in a thin brown paper bag, and is already showing signs of starting to want to sprout, unlike the Old Spice – probably because the moisture levels were higher in the thin paper bag compared to the proper sed packet.

Saved seed ready to sprout

Anyway, it’s a mini trial to see which comes up first, how many germinate, and eventually which are best. I’m also looking forward to ordering some more varieties and colours today; can’t wait to try out some white fragrant ones!



One thought on “Sweet Sweet Peas

  1. I sowed some Sweet Peas before Christmas, and they are looking pretty strong. I think the plants are a lot hardier than you would imagine just from looking at their flowers, which seem very delicate. Do the “Old Spice” ones smell like that after-shave they used to have back in the 1970s?

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