Beautiful Veg… & Worms

IMG-20140116-00712 copyLovely lovely lovely: I want to share the lovely colours of some of my veg at the moment, even in the heart of winter: gorgeous purple sprouting broccoli (PSB), and pretty micro leaf mixtures, including rioja leaf radish, red frills mustard, red cabbage and mizuna.

Gorgeous, healthy and tasty: the perfect trio! The brave micro leaves are still chugging on, and bring welcome flavour and colour to jaded palates at this time of year. The PSB is particularly photogenic, even out in the muddy field; catching the odd shaft of sunlight in between showers, it makes you smile and hum Bring Me Sunshine without realising (or is that just me?).

IMG-20140116-00713 copyAnd I also want to celebrate worms. I think they can be beautiful too: or if you don’t think that they are nice-looking, you’ll probably appreciate the work they put in turn plant waste into compost and healthy soil, and think that the end product is beautiful anyway. Here’s a pic of the soil (below) around the brassica plants out in the field, just as the last of the flood waters is draining away (good ridance, bugger off and don’t come back rain). The soil looks spongey and holey, letting in air to the drowned soil; and I’m pretty sure that it’s all thanks mainly to the worms, providing air tunnels as they burrow around, as well as a passage for the water to escape through. Thanks honey pies! I promise to give you a nice dollop on manure in spring as a reward! (NB not my own personal manure. From the neighbouring horses. Just wanted to make that clear.)

IMG-20140113-00711 copy

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