Definitely Not Waving…

IMG-20140103-00709…and definitely drowing. The poor plants and soil. They had a lovely holiday over the summer; actually drying out, can you believe. But now there’s just a leetle bit of moisture back in the ground. The sad remnants of red frills mustard out in the field really are drowning, completely submerged and look like pretty seaweed, swaying in the waves as I wade past (cursing a new split on the top of my wellies), picking green and purple sprouting broccoli next to them, and mixed kales. This part of the field is the lowest patch and floods quicker than the other end; but still. It might stop raining tomorrow long enough for the poor buggers to gulp some air, before being swamped again on Sunday. Hey ho; to look on the brightside, I just bought a new water butt to add to my growing collection, so I’ll join that up on Monday and start harvesting the rainwater, ready for the next drought in summer (seems a long way off though…).


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