The Mud Workout ®

IMG-20131228-00704Listen up peeps: it’s the new craze. Too much stuffing, mince pies and Christmas pud over the last few days? Feeling sluggish and bloated? Then why not try the fantastic NEW workout! Forget strict diets and cake denial: simply take an old garden fork, and try digging up the last of your root vegetables from a low-lying veg patch after a month’s worth of rain has fallen in a couple of days!

IMG-20131228-00705Yes, by simply digging out carrots (Amsterdam forcing varieties are preferable, so the roots are really long and thin, and need extra digging depth), as well as parsnips that you can’t see the tops of in the flooded mud, your quads, calves and hamstrings will soon be in tip-tip shape! Your boots will get stuck in the mud/quicksand, so you’ll have no choice but to strain every sinew to pull your feet free – every few seconds! For an hour! Not to mention your core muscles too, as you constantly bend over to pick up the veg and scrape the soggy mud off! And let’s not forget those biceps and triceps as you pick up your mud-clogged baskets and try to carry it back from the field!

So grab another piece of Christmas cake to give you some energy, and try the Mud Workout ® today! Happy Christmas!


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