It’s Beginning To Look A Bit Like Christmas…

IMG-20131128-00680…in the polytunnels. No, not because they are covered in fake snow, tinsel and holly (although maybe ask me again in a week); but because some of the mustards are turning hot red in the chillier weather, and because the beautiful radicchio and rossa treviso chicories are radiating rich red colours. And these deep red and green colours simply say ‘Christmas’ to me! Surely the best Christmas Day starter is a crumbly local blue cheese, pears, sweet parma ham or spicy chorizo from The Bath Pig, and fresh salad leaves drizzled with a little balsamic: plenty of festive green and red shades from mustards, mixed lettuce, endive, bulls blood beetroot, claytonia, red Russian kale, mizuna and mibuna, chicory, shungiko chrysanthemum and chard. Totally tasty, fresh and pretty healthy too; leaving lots of room for the main event!

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