Hooh, Suits You Sir

Dressing to the left are we sir?
Dressing to the left are we sir?

Well I think we have already established that I have a very immature sense of humour at times, and still find certain carrots and parsnips hilarious when unearthed. I thought I’d celebrate the news that the Fast Show is returning with a picture of this little beauty, something that the two salacious tailors would enjoy: Gary the chef at Hartley’s café also found it amusing, before turning into a delicious Sunday roast.

IMG-20131115-00671Talking of parsnips, I started digging them up last week; although they are not enormous (hooh!), they aren’t a bad size considering the dry spell in the summer (I didn’t irrigate the carrots or parsnips at all, and relied on pulled weeds to mulch the ground) – and they taste goregous, especially simply scrubbed and roasted whole or halved. Hopefully I’ll have enough to last until just after Christmas; although some dire predictions have been flying round about how this winter is going to be the hardest in 60 years, with snow from now until February – so maybe it will be good to pull them all sooner rather than later. There will be plenty for the Hartley Farm Christmas Market next weekend anyway!


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