Save Our Soils

2012-03-26_15-17-05_353Just a quickie about the Soil Association’s Soil Symposium, which took place in the lovely @Bristol Science Centre yesterday and day. I love these events, mostly because it’s a great reminder about why we do what we do: when you see horrific consequences of soil degradation and loss (and we’re not talking Amazonian rainforest or American dustbowl here, we’re talking pre dessertification of prime UK agricultural land which is being washed away by bad management, a lack of organic matter being returned to the soil, and poor understanding of the most basic soil science by some farmers), then it helps keep your moral up when spreading compost (pictured) or manure on your own holding. You can feel like you’re doing your bit to lock up carbon, provide nutrients and moisture-retentive mulches for your plants, not to mention breeding grounds for beneficial soil fauna and flora, and generally make the world that bit better. Everything starts with the soil, and as Rob Richmond pointed out today, farmers’ main role is to turn sunlight into food for us all. This can only happen with healthy soil – and that is what the real meaning of Organic is.


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