Anthropomorphising? Moi?

IMG-20131024-00659Yes, I admit it: I often ascribe human motivations and thoughts to pets, wildlife and sometimes inanimate objects (my car is called Asbo). Still, on ocassions, it’s really hard not to. Take this photo: I found this quartet in what is clearly some kind of face-off, on an aubergine leaf. Seriously, something is going on here: yes, perhaps they all just happened to have found a nice warm leaf to pause on, to considering hibernatig; or they may be two pairs that just happened to be resting opposite each other; or they’re all related and the adults are looking after the babies (although I think the yellow tiny ladybirds are a different breed?); or they’re two lots of siblings and wandering around together. But is something more sinister going on? Look how close they are! I think that they are the founder members of some evil scheme or other, whispering and working out some dreadful plot to bring down the aphid king. Fine by me…


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