Batten Down The Hatches

IMG-20131026-00662Eeeeeeeep! Quite scared by all the dire weather warnings on the radio & TV this weekend: apparently we can expect gusts of up to 80MPH on Sunday night/early Monday morning. I’ve cleared up round my place as much as possible, and put extra stone bags on the nets in the field to try and stop them flying off – although they’re not really covering anything at the moment, apart from a few rows of Savoy cabbages and PSB, so hopefully shouldn’t catch the wind too much since most are lying flat on the ground I’m a bit worried about the polytunnels though, especially the doors; so I’ve put a long piece of batten over the two ends of the tunnels which always seem to catch the wind worst (the wind whips in from the west over the top of the hill at the best of times, rushes into the tunnel at the top ends, and bursts the doors open from within down the other ends). All the other doors have door stops on each side, and I’ve also wired together the left and right doors, both top and bottom on each tunnel. So fingers crossed: I’m hoping this helps them withstand the worst…


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