Carrot Trial Update

IMG-20130913-00561Just a quickie to note the ongoing developments in the carrot trial as I’m harvesting them. As was suspected in the last post about the trial carrots, St Valery is easily producing the largest carrots, and more of them because of better germination. Napoli has a pretty good size too, but slightly poorer germination so fewer carrots; the coloured pastelly Rainbow carrots are also good, with a good root size, decent top growth, and germination. The mixture of Purple Haze, Yellowstone and White Satin F1 are more patchy germination-wise; White Satin carrots are pretty large (slugs also enjoying the top of the roots), Yellowstone moderate, but Purple Haze generally still small. The Amsterdam varieties are mostly indistinguishable, with poor top growth to compete against the weeds, but moderate long thin roots. The photo above shows the 3 rows of tall luxuriant St Valery foliage in the middle of the picture, with 1 row of similar but slightly shorter growth of Napoli to St Valery’s right, then the 2 rows of Rainbow and 4 rows of mixed coloured carrots far right (these have been dug up a bit more due to the demand from chefs). To the left of St Valery are the weedy 3 rows of Amsterdam Maxi 2, with 3 rows of Amsterdam Forcing far left.


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