Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Turning soil into produce & then money

While starting up a small market garden may not be the economy-fixing and unemployment-busting measures usually associated with this Government’s chat about their beloved entrepreneurs, I’m going to count myself as one anyway. Yes, I may not have taken on a hoard of jobseekers (yet); and my turnover might be a little on the modest side, but darn it, it’s the spirit of literally growing a living from the land and turning that into a local economy that is really the essence of entrepreneurs in my opinion.

To this end, the lovely PR lady at Green Books who is sorting out some marketing for my book (oh yes, did I mention, I have a book on how to start a market garden coming out on October 31st this year – keep your eyes peeled for Gardening For Profit, £7.99, in a good book shop near you) – anyway, she suggested I enter the Great British Entrepreneurial Awards asap, as they were free to enter so worth a go. It all sounded very exciting, so I took a look at the entry conditions and began to think about how I could make myself sound like a super hard-nosed business woman, not to be foxed by obstacles thrown in my path, and solving the economy’s problems. However, I did notice that in the Ts & Cs, once an entry had been submitted, it could not be unsubmitted. Fair enough. And that all short-listed entrants must attend the awards ceremony in November. Fair enough again; makes it more like the OSCARS eh? And then that failure to attend renders an entry null and void. OK. Then I had a suspicious little thought. I assume that since these awards were free to enter, then tickets and attendance to the awards would also be free, right? However I thought I would just check before sumitting and entry though, since once I’d submitted, that was that. And I got the following reply: “Yes, there will be a charge to attend the award ceremony to cover the ceremony costs. It will be around the £200 mark.”

Now some high-falutin’ entrepreneurs may well find £200 very small and negligible. However, I’m not sure that it’s quite the same as free, no matter what your turnover. So said PR lady queried this with the bank sponsoring the awards; and they’re apparently very happy to have had this inconsistency drawn to their attention, and won’t be charging now. So I think we deserve a special award for entrepeneurship & cost-saving straight away, eh?


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