Tomato Trial Results

Since the tomatoes are really peaking now, it’s interesting to compare how the trial varieties are performing. While it’s been a good year for tomatoes (touch wood), and all varieties have been producing pretty well, I’ve tried out some varieties that I’ll not grow again next year, and found some new ones that I will. Here are some thoughts so far…

ChocolateCherryChocolate Cherry

Productive, sweet small cherry fruits, with a great dark purpley colour





Bright yellow cherry tomato, pretty but not very prolific, holds well



Gardener’s Delight

GardenersDelightTried & trusted red cherry tomato, very productive, fast-growing, long-lasting and great taste




Golden Queen

GoldenQueenReliable and prolific medium bright yellow tomato, need picking regularly to prevent splitting




Jen’s Tangerine

JensTangerineMedium dark yellow tomato, fairly prolific; but duller colour than Golden Queen can make fruit look over-ripe




EStupicearly medium red tomato with green/yellow shoulders; these shoulders remain even when ripe and stay hard, and can make fruit look under-ripe




TigerellaStripey orange/red or green/red tomato, small to medium sized; very productive and consistent; this year’s crop does have some white/brown dotting on the skin (could be a soil issue)



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