Summer Peak

IMG-20130829-00535Cripes, everything is really going for it now. I thought that since the weather had cooled a little, things might start slowing down; but no. The courgettes are growing into marrows even faster, and the tomatoes are regularly producing 10-15kg a day; and with the warm and sunny weather forecast for this week, that could go up further. The aubergines and peppers are also ready (although I’m leaving some large peppers on in the hope they’ll turn red… perhaps optimistic in the UK but you never know… ); and the marigolds in the tunnel brighten up picking time too (and keep the bees and hoverflies happy). They have such a strong smell, supposed to deter black and green fly (there isn’t any so maybe it works); but the aroma is a bit dubious. I’m always convinced someone is hiding behind the hedge having a crafty reefer or two when I brush past the flowers, only to realise that it’s the marigolds.

The brassicas are still going strong, with the Deadon cabbages and next lot of Savoys ready, plus broccoli and kales; and it won’t be long before the celeriac and fennel are ready either (just need a drop of rain really). I’m getting bored of picking French beans – they take ages, but they are pretty; and carrots and beetroot are happily getting bigger daily. Harvest time ahoy!


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