Sweetcorn Massacre

IMG-20130812-00514Bugger. Damn and blast. And many other expletives of your choice. We adjusted the electric fence wire round the field last week, ready to link up a battery in about a fortnight, when the sweetcorn was about to ripen, to keep the blumin deer off. Checked on the sweetcorn by the sunflowers on Monday, to be faced with a mini scene of devastation. I think there were about three of four small sweetcorn stems left upright; the rest were smashed to the ground, and the unripened small cobs munched anyway. Drat. Mind you, I half though something (deer or badger) would get the sweetcorn since it’s in a corner right next a copse of treese and a badger sett, so I didn’t do loads of seeds, or spend too much time on weeding them, just in case. Just as well eh? Might not bother next year with sweetcorn, and do an extra row of squash since they’re doing so well (touch wood…)


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