Month of the Triffids

IMG-20130807-00510Argh weeeeeeds everywhere! I think I can actually see the red shank and fat hen growing during the day: in two weeks they’ve shot up to two of three feet tall since the rain started. I think I just got a bit used to nothing growing in the heat in July; and now it’s all go again. However, the squash and courgette didn’t mind the heat at all (as long as I gave them some water too); apart from a few bare bits, they’ve completely swamped their patch, hurrah! I’ve just gone through the patch quite quickly and pulled up the big weedy blighters to make a bit more room.

There are also a good number of large squash and pumpkin fruits already, the best (potential!) crop I’ve had: a combination of better varieties, better germination, timing and cultivation on my part, and the hot spell.  Now the rain has come, the undersown green manure (Persian clover, red clover, lucerne) is also germinating, but I’m hoping the shade keeps them in check until I harvest the squash, when they can run riot. It seems the squash and pumpkins are also growing inches every day; slightly creepy, but I think it’s a good thing…


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