Why Weeds Are Great

IMG-20130722-00503OK just give me a chance to explain: bear in mind the serious dryness we had up until last week. Then think about the poor plants who were in the full glare of the sun, without any watery respite, for over two weeks solid. That’s why I deliberately left the weeds in the brassica patch (honest Guv), even though they were getting ridiculously high (especially the rape seed, fat hen, thistles, groundsel and redshank). Most were a foot or more higher than the brassicas. However, this meant that they offered some shade against the glare; plus kept the whole area more moist (especially the soil surface, which was positively damp, compared to the just-weeded dry parsnip patch).

IMG-20130722-00502So anyway, I couldn’t use the drought as an excuse any longer last week when the rain came, so I’ve been pulling the weeds up in great fistfuls and laying them back down (roots up) in between the rows of cabbages, kale and PSB, to keep the moisture in and new weeds down, and they’ll break down into the soil eventually. And the brassicas are all fine! They’ve survived very well; and I’m thanking the weeds. It might not have looked very tidy, but it worked brilliantly.


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