Leek Trial Update

IMG-20130627-00474Hurrah, I managed to dig up all my leeks from the polytunnel and transplant them outside last Thursday and Friday. There were nine rows of leeks altogether, each row about 15m long, and double-drilled: 3 x rows Bandit, 3 x Hannibal, 1 x Axima, 1 x Zermatt, and 1 x trial variety Long de Mézières. The size of the transplants varied slightly, as did the number of plants per row. The total weight of the transplants were as follows:

Axima: 2.29kg
Bandit: 5.28kg (1.76kg/row)
Hannibal: 7.62kg (2.54kg/row)
Long de Mézières: 1.86kg
Zermatt: 2.11kg

IMG-20130628-00475Bandit looks like it should have been the ‘worst’, but actually that included a large number of very small leeks (one row was in a very wet and weedy part of the tunnel which may have affected germination). The trial Long variety had fewer transplants, but what was there was of a good size.

They are all now sitting in the field, and looked a bit cross when first planted out, but have perked up a bit now and don’t look so limp. Just a couple of months before I can try some baby leeks for a taste test…

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