Beasts of Winsley

IMG-20130613-00451Seriously now. How huge are these slugs? These blighters must have overwintered somewhere snug after their feast last year, and keep appearing now in their tens on the inside and outside of polytunnel plastic, as well as in random nooks and crannies. While I do have a lady’s hand (it’s mine, I haven’t pinched it), it’s still not exactly petite and tiny (some diplomatic relatives have described my mitts as ‘creative’ or ‘practical hands’), so you can appreciate the size. Some of these slimy bounders are the size of a ruddy mouse!

IMG-20130612-00445Some small comfort is that since my strimming efforts last week, I seem to have attracted an army of blackbirds and thrushes, who potter in and around the tunnels, herb beds and by the raspberries every day, and even venture into the small module tunnel – startling us both. I can only hope that they have espied these slithering nuisancies, and are feasting away merrily.

The most advanced froglets are also hoping in and out of the pond now; but they are so tiny that I think these sluggy beasts will eat them, rather than the other way round…

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