Real GM

IMG-20130613-00450These are the real GM crops that will help my produce next year: Green Manures! I sowed this lovely collection of red clover, lucerne and Persian clover last ‘summer’ and it’s flowering now. As well as producing a fanastic display for the wildlife to enjoy (not just bees and butterflies: I saw a couple of partidges hiding in there last week), all that foliage (several feet high now) will be strimmed down once of twice before winter, adding lots more organic matter to the soil. The clovers and lucerne are leguminous, so taking nitrogen from the air and fixing it into the soil via crazy bacteria on their root nodules; plus the lucerne and red clover are deep-rooting, so can improve my soil structure, and break up any pans down there. So nice to have something working for you so hard, be so easy to look after – and so pretty!


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