IMG-20130617-00463Feeling quite emotional today: I was happily munching my sandwich by the pond as usual, watching the tadpoles, most with protruding back legs now; when suddenly one wriggling ‘pole flipped itself out of the pond altogether! I thought this was an exuberant mistake, and that it would quickly slide back in; then realised that this was if fact almost a froglet, complete with front and back legs, and pointed face! It still had quite a long tail though; and after taking a picture of it, it got nervous and jumped back in the pond. I then noticed that there were several of these advanced frog-poles, one or two resting on the stones in the pond, or on the floating grass blades from last week’s strimming. I could almost here the triumphal 2001 music from the ape scene; seeing these amazing creatures metamorphose if front on my eyes, and take their first leap on dry land. Sniff. Good luck fellas.


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