Unwatched Pots

IMG-20130610-00440It’s amazing what grows when you’re not keeping an eye on it several times a day. I took my eye off the beetroot and carrots in the Marmalade tunnel for a week or so, while getting stuck into the beetroot, chard & brassica weeding outside; then noticed last week that the beetroot in the tunnel was ready. Just like that! I’m pretty sure that if I’d been keeping a more regular eye on that tunnel, it would have taken longer. Somthing about quantumn and being observed maybe…

Anyway the good news is that the coloured carrots (White Satin, Yellowstone & Purple Haze) are ready and delicious (the orange Amfine are a bit behind and small still); and ditto the beetroot (some are a pretty hefty size already too).  Picking these is making a nice bit of variety alongside the usual salads, herbs and spinach. They are also lovely and fresh things to deliver to the farm shop and restaurants too; everyone seems to be admiring the colours!

IMG-20130610-00441The pond has also been an unwatched pot for the last few days; and I noticed todat that the tadpoles are finally sprouting tiny legs untder their still-as-long tails. So maybe I will get frogs this year after all, hurrah!


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