Aphid Army

Note to self: difficult to judge close-up focus range on phone camera in bright polytunnels

It’s ok, don’t worry: I haven’t been invaded by an army of aphids (eek, touch wood); rather, in the New Tunnel, there’s a pleasing plethora of aphid predators amassing, ready to ambush any naughty aphids who might think about having a munch on my tomatoes and peppers. Because I let the overwintered chervil run to flower in there (pulled out at last today), there are tons of hoverflies in the tunnel, who love pretty much all umbellifer flowers, and predate on aphid.

IMG-20130527-00408Ladybirds seems to like it too (also aphid killers): there were several larvae hunting around the coriander, and nearly every pepper plant in there has at least one larval cocoon stuck to the leaves. Tally ho chaps, get ready to fight the good fight!



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