Waiting… waiting…

IMG-20130517-00396Dear tadpoles, are you alright in there? You all seem happy enough, wibbling around, especially when the sun comes out and you all fight for the warmest, shallowest spots among the rocks. You’ve been tadpoles for over five weeks now, and there’s still no sign of you performing that crazy miracle of sprouting legs and shrinking your tails, and becoming froglets. I know I’m probably very impatient; but you see, the slugs are starting to get pretty active now, and I don’t want you to miss out on all that nice food. You all just seem to be getting bigger and bigger, but not actually developing (you all have light bellies and a weird small yellow thing sticking out of you-know-where too, like a truncated umbilical cord). You munch on the trailing plants, hazel branches and pond weed (or is it something growing on the weed that you like; or maybe microscopic oxgen bubbles coming from the plants?), and recently you’ve all taken to gulping air from the pond surface too. But I’ve only seen one if you have a suck on a leatherjacket (crane fly larvae, there’s blumin loads about this year) which ended up in the pond. Aren’t you supposed to be turning carnivorous/omnivorous now? I saw a couple of you being chased by something that looked like a tiny water boatman the other day, a fraction of your size. I do hope you’re not going to be wimps: or I’ll have to go back to squishing slugs by foot again. Please hurry up and at least help a few of your number develop into frogs soon. Thanks, Kate x


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