Beans, cues & leaves

IMG-20130516-00395I threw caution to the wind today (it deserved it) and put in my first lot of cucumbers: Marketmores, rather than the more sensitive (and expensive) F1s which need another week or so of sun to get bigger (hah!). My climbing French beans were also starting to climb out of their pots, so they’re now planted in the Marmalade polytunnel too; along with a couple of rows of mixed summer salads (salad burnet, orache, cress, green perilla, fenugreek and shuginko).

I’m sure this positive thinking lark works: even though the forecast for tonight was a little cool, I stuck them in anyway; and now the forecast temperatures have crept up slightly. Well, 1C anyway. The cues should be ok in the warm tunnel though; and now I have my fingers crossed that it’s dry enough tomorrow to plant some brassicas, lettuces and herbs out; and maybe even hoe the beetroot in the field if I’m lucky, since the weeds are now taking over.

IMG-20130516-00394I did manage to get the green mint and Emporer’s mint in the specially reclaimed raised bed, filled with old green waste compost; so I’m looking forward to harvesting that in a month or so. Even though the leaves are teeny, they’re already giving off yummy minty aromas. Bring on the mojitos…


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