Where Are All The Bees?

IMG-20130510-00388I know it’s been ridiculously windy this last week, but where are all the bees? I’ve seen a fair amount of bumble bees, hooray; but very few honey bees, which is rather worrying. There were four or five taking refuge in the New polytunnel the other day, possibly having a breather from fighting the relentless breeze (before it became full-blown wind); and the odd one or two on the dandelions and other wildflowers in the hedges; but that’s pretty much it. I left Marmalade tunnel’s Oriental salads to flower, partly to give them some forage; but didn’t see many in there, just plenty of bumblebees (enjoying themselves while it was raining outside), a few butterflies, and tonnes of crane flies. I’ve had to pull all this out now, to get that half tunnel ready to plant climing French beans and cucumbers later this week. I do hope it’s my bad timing/eyesight and that the bees are there, or that that it’s just too windy now. Fingers crossed that when the wind is supposed to die down by the end of the week, they might come creeping out; otherwise the EU neonicotinoid ban may have proved too little too late…

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