Springing salads

IMG-20130509-00384Lovely lovely lovely: half of Five-penny tunnel by the hedge has leeks coming up now (weeded them yesterday; it always takes longer than you think doesn’t it?); and the other half is now full of gorgeous salady things. There are Little Gem and Red Salad Bowl lettuces that made it through the harsh winter in modules (almost all picked out now); ditto some baby red Russian kale leaves; plus directly drilled pea shoots; rocket; and I mixed up a load of mustards, mizuna and pak choi into a packet for one drilled line, which looks amazing (and tastes pretty good too!).

IMG-20130509-00383There are also two lines of Renegade spinach which I picked for the first today for the shop: I was thinking about putting these leaves in the salad bags too, but think I’ll save for spinach bags because they’re worth savouring on their own. Germination for everything is already better than last spring, even with older seed, probably due to better light levels – and the cool spell has kept some slugs away (famous last words…). Talking of slugs, the tadpoles are getting larger daily, so I’m looking forward to the day when they hop out of the pond and go foraging for slimy meals…


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