Early Tomatoes

IMG-20130508-00382Wahey, got some early(ish) tomatoes in the tunnels now, woohoo! I finished planting half the New tunnel yesterday with a variety of Cindel F1, Brandywine, Berner Rose, Golden Queen, Tigerella, Black Cherry, Green Zebra and Gardener’s Delight. The other half of the tunnel still has parsley and coriander going well, plus some chervil and chard (which want to bolt now), so I’m waiting another week or so before pulling it all out and rotovating, setting up crop wires for the weight, strings, Mypex etc and planting. The next lot of tomatoes will be mostly the trials plants, so should be very interesting to see what the crop and yield is like. It’s so nice to get the tomatoes in, it really feels like summer is around the corner now (gloaming showery light not withstanding)!


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