Sunny Rewards

IMG-20130501-00365Several people have said to me enviously this week: aw, wish I was a gardener/grower/farmer, d’ya want to swap jobs for an indoor one? To which I tartly replied, not on your life matey: after the last 12 months we’ve had, and endless freezing winter (while the same people were happily tucked up in the warm), I think outdoor workers can be allowed to enjoy this spell of settled sunny weather.

IMG-20130503-00366On the 1st May right on cue the hedge hawthorn (‘may’ trees) started to bloom in the strengthening sunshine, much to the delight of the bees who have been making do with the endless dandelions: this weather is really such a relief after the continued despair of 2012. I’m able to enjoy the weather even more now, knowing that it could turn at any time, so make the most of it while the sun shines: a good lesson for life.

IMG-20130503-00367I managed to get the early brassicas planted on Friday (cabbages, kale and some calalbrese broccoli, plus a sneaky row of rocket just in case I can get to it under the netting before the flea beetles do). The most productive half tunnel of salads in the New Tunnel have now come out and I’ve rotovated some more green waste compost in, ready for the early tomatoes and peppers to go in, hopefully on Monday. Now it’s all kicking off and crops are starting to grow like the clappers: the winter salads are drawing to an end, and the summer crops of cucumbers and beans want to go in their place, plus some summer salads leaves I’m trialing this year. All hands on deck!


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