Rootin’ Tootin’ Time

Inquisitive jackdaw family inspect my work

Nice work spring: the fine silty/sandy loam soil in the field had dried just about enough for me to get on there with the small tractor and rotovate it in the freezing wind and ocassional hail/sun on Saturday, hurrah! Plus the weekend’s showers had dried off again by this morning (that soil really does dry out quickly, think the wind helps); so I could drill my roots, whoopee! It makes a real psychological difference, getting them in before May (just): now I don’t feel too behind.

IMG-20130429-00336I sowed a row of Hamburg parsley root, plus half a row each of Filtro coriander and plain French parsley; 1 row of Pixie parsnip; 6 rows Halblange White parsnip; 3 rows of a mixture of White Satin F1, Purple Haze and Yellowstone; 1 row of Napoli F1; 2 rows Rainbow Bunching; 3 rows St Valery; 3 rows Amerstam 2 Maxi (these two are trials varieties); and 3 rows Amsterdam Forcing.

IMG-20130429-00337I got so carried away, I also put in 3 rows of French beans (Purple Teepee, Faraday and Helios, mixed together); it’s possibly a bit early, but let’s see what happpens. The sun is also great for the gazillions of tadpoles in the pond; I could quite easily sit and watch them all day as they wiggle about their merry way. If all these tadpoles become froglets, there will be a serious slug massacre. Mwah haha…


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