Herby Rides Again

IMG-20130426-00330Sun and showers, sun and hail… at least this feels normal compared to last year. The sun when it comes out is glorious too; and the showers just long enough to give the plant a drink before more bright sunshine. It does make cultivating the ground a little tricky, but we’ll get there: I was hoping to have rotovated all the field patches again by now, and drilled the carrots and parsnips, but the soil’s too wet; hopefully I’ll get a window tomorrow or Monday in between the showers when the soil has dried enough.

IMG-20130426-00331This spring weather has really brought on the perennial herbs in the informal beds between the polytunnels though, and they’re looking great. I’ve already started cropping the chives, and even managed a bag of fragrant lovage; and the French sorrel looks ready to start picking next week, as a lemony salad bag ingredient, or herb in its own right. The chives are ready to flower too, and will be a real treat for the poor old bees.


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