IMG-20130418-00322Just a general cheer today to celebrate the current weather, with no niggling paratheses or caveats: hurrah and huzzah! Amazing what a bit of prolonged sun will do: all the seeds sown in the polytunnels a few weeks ago have germinated pretty well; the spinach and pea shoots are looking particularly good actually. I’ve managed to sown some more beetroot outdoors, along with a row of spring onions, rainbow/red(Vulkan) chard, and a row of spinach too. Plus I finally sowed the little packet of scorzonera out today, next to the globe artichokes behind the New Tunnel; partly as a wind-break as well as a crop.

IMG-20130418-00319The salads inside the tunnel are starting to run to seed now (especially the brassicas), but they’ve done really well, and might last another week. I can’t believe the first lot of red and green mustards put in last autumn are still going strong, and haven’t run to seed as quickly as the later sown and planted seed – perhaps because they are more established plants, so more energy to spare on producing more leaves, rather than flowers and seeds.

IMG-20130418-00320The clayonia is flowering, and the pretty white edible flowers are gorgeous in the salad bags, along with the mustards, chervil, lamb’s lettuce and baby chard. So hurray for Earth Day!


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