Bee Friendly

IMG-20130419-00324I’ve seen several enormous (queen?) bumble bees around today, checking out the weedy flower spoils in and around the polytunnels (and probably enjoying the respite from the wind too). Still no honey bees though…  but there aren’t many flowers out yet to attract them of course. Starting to spot a large number of ladybirds emerging from their winter hiding places too, which is good news to keep any future aphid numbers in check. Also some crane flies handing out among the winter salads.

I’ve let the last of the mibuna, mizuna and pak choi flower now, since I won’t get many more leaves off them now the days are getting longer, and temperatures are rising (woohoo!). The smell of brassica flowers is so amazing (as long as it’s not 1,000 hectares of oilseed, which is overpowering): so sweet, buttery, floral and delicate. I’ll let the flowers stay until I need to pull the salad out in a few weeks to make way for cucumbers: hopefully they’ll give the poor honeybees something to enjoy too.


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