Springing with potential

IMG-20130411-00312Ooh, an exciting weather forecast for the next week or so: it looks like spring is finally arriving. These last few days have seen temperatures creeping up, a degree a day; and last night was positively balmy. I don’t mind these April showers at the moment either (as long as they don’t become a fixture for the rest of the year like 2012); showers and sunny spells are supposed to happen in April. I’m still optimsitic that 2013 is going to now be a year of ‘proper’ weather: the climate has been switched off and on again, reset during these cold months, so now we’ll have a sunny but wet spring; nice hot dry(ish) summer (the odd shower at night is fine by me); an extended Indian summer in autumn, with lots of showers heading into winter, which will stay really cold for weeks at a time, and kill off all the blasted slugs and other pests. Proper weather, like when we were kids, dontcha know sonny boy, you don’t know you’re born.

IMG-20130411-00311So at the moment everything is looking promising, and full of potential (although I do remember feeling this way last year, sigh). The field just needs another rotovating session on some parts (carrots), and is just waiting for things to go in. I did manage to get some lettuces and leftover curled parsley out there yesterday, event though the ground was a bit damp for planting; plus another sown line of broad beans (Hangdown Green), even though the first lot hasn’t germinated yet. I remember waiting for perfect conditions and timing last year, and waiting a long time, so I am seizing the day at the moment.

The tomatoes sown in the cold module tunnel (rather than heated windowsill propagators) have finally started to germinate; I sowed another 150-cell tray including some trial varieties on 18/3/13 just in case the main lot failed completely: 25 seeds of Chocolate Cherry; 20 seeds Jen’s Tangerine; 20 seeds Galina Cherry; 25 seeds Stupile Vine Cherry (all from Real Seeds); alongside more of my the regular Gardener’s Delight, Tigerella, Black Cherry and Golden Queen. Yesterday one seed each of Galina, Stupile and Gardener’s Delight peeped above the compost, so will keep an eye on these trials and see if germination, yield amount, period of cropping, taste, and holding ability differ much. Roll on the summer!


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