Pukka Pond

IMG-20130412-00313At last I’ve found some oxygenating plants for my little pond. I trawelled several nurseries around Bath for pond weed such as hornwort a few weeks ago, but it was so cold that the nurseries hadn’t got anything in stock yet. I started to worry about my poor frogspawn (they’ve had a hard start to life already, the water froze in patches almost every night for the first three weeks after I’d added them to my pond); they seemed to still be growing, and the jelly was dissolving, with three larger proto-tadpoles emerging in the mass of black-dotted half-dissolved blobs, twitching every now and again. Therefore I dispaired of the local nurseries, resolved to get some oxygen into the water toot sweet, and ordered some plants online from Wetland Plants.

I went for two native species: Pillwort (Pilularia globulifera), which I’ve planted among the rocky crevices under the shallow water; and Water milfoil (Myriophyllum Spicatum), pictured, which just drifts around and will produce little red flowers. Both are oxygenators, and I stuck them in the pond as soon as they arrived this morning. So hopefully with this nice sunny/showery weather, on Monday there may be some actual tadpoles frolicking around the feathery milfoil strands. Slugs beware…



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