Monday Jobs

Two sociable wagtails hang out among the rotovated soil
Two sociable wagtails hang out among the rotovated soil

Had a strangely productive day today, although I felt like I was on the edge of disaster for most of it. Picked lots more salad leaves (one and a half tunnel’s worth still going strong; the chervil and flat leaf parsley is ready now too, so am sneaking some of that in for a surprise); and fixed some leaky irrigation (got very wet). Sowed a load of herbs (chives, French sorrel, winter savoury and thyme as replacements for the current lot which might start losing vigour after this year); plus summer savoury, dill, mitsuba (Japanese parsley), Emperor’s mint and green mint. Rotovated a little patch by the globe artichokes, to sow some scorzonera in a few weeks as a trial (if the pesky bunnies allow it to grow); got stuck in the hedge several times, swore at some brambles.

Borrowed the farm’s lovely tractor and rotovator to rotovate the old brassica patch in the field for the first time (the only patch not done yet, apart from the green manure which will stay in until next year); aiming to give the brassica patch another go over in a couple of week before sowing carrots and parsnips. Had just finished when the rotovator fell off the back with a crash; I thought I’d completely wrecked it somehow, sheared a bar or the PTO or something. Called Richard to survey the wreckage; contemplated remortgaging the house to pay for repairs. Realised the top connector bar had unwound itself, and just needed to be wound on again. Felt dim and blonde, but very relieved. Put tractor back safely in barn. Called it a day.


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