Celebrating Survivors

IMG-20130404-00305I’m still studiously ignoring the ice and snow blowing around today… I cleared out the rest of salad in Fivepenny tunnel next to the hedge on Monday, left it to dry in the sun for a few days, and then rotovated today along with a few barrowfuls of green waste compost. Then I merrily carried on drilling some more ‘spring’ crops (I’m sure this positive attitude will pay off soon, and the weather will be tricked into believing that it is actually springtime so will pull its finger out). I sowed a line of Alvro Mono beetroot, two rows of Renegade spinach, a row of Progress No. 9 peas (for peashoots), mixed mustards for salad leaves, and a line of Esmee rocket. Most exciting was putting in half a tray of red Russian kale, a few radicchio and a load of little gem and red salad bowl lettuces. These brave survivors were sown in module trays back in October, but there wasn’t any room for them to plant in the tunnel then (and they were too small anyway). They’ve been patiently sitting in their trays in the module tunnel for months, through this prolonged grim weather, getting larger and more unhappy; today I felt like a zookeeper releasing an animal into the wild. They’ll be nice and warm in Fivepenny tunnel, and will be able to grab all the water and nutrients they need from the soil now, having been mildly starved and restricted in their modules. Go for it guys! Sniff, they grow up so fast.


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