Gone to Pot

IMG-20130401-00295OK, April fool over weather, very funny: now let the sun come back please. My poor little F1 tomatoes (the ones sown in the module tunnels haven’t really germinated yet, too cold), aubergines and sweet peppers have been getting taller and leggier in their heated propagaters on the windowsill in my kitchen. The cell size that I sowed the seeds into were really small, so I could get as many as possible in the precious heated space. However, they’ve been asking to be potted on for over a week now; so I braved the almost-snow over the weekend and potted them on. Poor buggers: the new compost was almost freezing, so they sulked for a day afterwards until all the new pots of compost had warmed up nicely; they look at bit happier now. I just really hope that spring does actually arrive next week, because I really need to harden these guys off slightly but transferring them to the module tunnel, which is normally warm enough in April for them – I need the heated propagtor space for cucumbers. This late spring really is keeping everything back and delaying lots of sowings; hopefully if we eventually get some decent warm spells, everything will catch up though.


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