Glorious colour

IMG-20130329-00291This post is dedicated to calendula: pot marigolds cheer me up no end, they battled bravely through the dank summer, shinning their glossy petals of vivid orange, yellow, red and brown my way; and giving the bees something to feed on too. The calendulas in the bed near the module tunnels fought on right into winter, and when they seemed dead and gone, tried manfully to reshoot in February too (this last cold spell has definitely spelled the end now though). However, I left a couple of plants at the top of the Marmalade polytunnel (in there to attract pollinating insects such as hoverflies and bees – and to look nice) since it’s not in the main cropping alleys anyway, right in the corner of the plastic. And it’s been flowering ever since! A pair of wrens seem to be cavorting around it every time I go in there now, before scarpering through the gaps in the doors when they clock me: they also seem to be delighting in its brilliant colour and vigour. In whimsical mood, I like to think that they are impressing each other with present of golden petals. So three cheers for this miracle plant!


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