Carry On Regardless

IMG-20130325-00288Right, I’m just going to pretend that it really is spring, and that there isn’t a shed-load of snow forecast in five days, following a week of -2C nights. Fortunately, everything in the polytunnels and module tunnel seems to be happy to go along with my current delusion: the celeriac at last began to show itself last week (sown 25th Feb, I was beginning to think about resowing until the first tiny green shoot showed itself on Friday); some lettuces have germinated too; and the mixed salads are their usual brilliantly unfussy selves, just growing away quietly (although slowly without the sun). I think I found the first beetroot leaves showing from the line I sowed next to the carrots in Marmalade tunnel a few weeks ago too.

I’m too much of a chicken to really go and look at the field at the moment though; I probably should start clearing the brassica stalks away so that if the soil does warm up and dry out, I can rotovate ready for the maincrop roots – but I just don’t have the heart for it at the moment. I can probably justify it to myself in other ways: maybe the pigeons will leave the remaining brassicas along, and I’ll get another bag or two of kale or PSB out of them; and I’m sure those empty rotting stalks are a great home for wildlife in these freezeing temperatures. The truth is that I really don’t want to do it. So there. I’ll stick to working in the tunnels this week, pretending that it’s actually 10C outside.

IMG-20130325-00289I’ve sown some spring and summer salad leaves, to take over from the pungent mustardy winter leaves when they finish: I sowed groups of 50 modules with 3+ seeds in each of fenugreek (smelt amazing); shungingko (chopsuey greens); green perilla/shiso; green purslane; bronze fennel; green fennel; red veined sorrel; cress (a variety called ‘Bubbles’); and salad burnet – amazingly large seeds (see picture) for such a delicate-looking and tasty plant (flavour like cucumber). My thinking is that if I carry on with this spring delusion, the weather will be fooled too and join in the fantasty…


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