Frogspawn Friday

IMG-20130322-00283I had a mildly terrifying journey to the farm this morning: I’d been given an ice cream tub full of frogspawn (in pond water), and was panicking as I drove along, scared that any sudden movements would spill the whole lot everywhere. Such responsibilty! I managed to get there with us all in one piece however, so then set about trying to make my pond (roughly dug and lined in a fit of rainy pique last ‘summer’) more hospitable.

IMG-20130322-00285I still don’t have any pond weed or other plants in the pond: it’s just a big hole full of water at the moment. I’ve been adding big stones when I’ve come across them though; to create sloping shelves at either end. This is to make it easier for any wildlife such as birds, hedghogs or amphibians to get access to the water without falling in.

IMG-20130322-00284So until I do get some weed (I think oxygenating hornwort is the way to go), I’ve just put in a large terracotta pot on its side to provide something for the spawn to latch on to, and provide a bit of shelter; left some sticks in the pond as floating ladders or floats; and placed some trellises over the top to keep birds and other predators from scoffing it all. There’s a lot of useful info here on frogspawn.

I’m hoping that at least some of this precious spawn will develop into a slug-eating army of frogs. I’m also hoping that a local hedgehog charity will release some recovered hedgehogs here too; maybe I should get uniforms for them all, and the hedgehogs can be the generals and the frogs will be the infantry?


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